Thursday, December 24, 2015

E-Commerce versus Brick and Mortar E-tailing on 2016 - Where is online selling headed?

Years ago when the internet started and e-commerce shopping enabled platforms aka now so called big box wannabe of the internet focus on making products accessible through online purchase. Then came expedited delivery, customer service focus and feedback. After which fill rate ratio on order fulfillment which also integrated fulfillment and drop shipping capabilities. As the so called wannabe's now dominate the search rankings, so many independent brick and mortar online business driven individuals has also ventured outside of selling from the wannabe's selling platform to their own online storefronts. Through the partnership of so many e-commerce solutions based website development integrating inventory, ordering and fulfillment with one's stand alone online storefront. When I go to my talks on e-commerce and API integration to prospective young business leaders, I tell them the story of my domain name I bought from google - alex esguerra years ago for $9.99. That time we were developing more our store fronts and the name brand recognition was gaining good alexa rankings. Today when I'm using mostly, Affordable Books on line the said domain is being offered for sale by domain registrars for almost $2,300 as a premium domain. I touch base on this example because of brand name recognition but truly indeed someone might buy and use the said domain but the ideals and vision that comes with the name brand might not be fulfilled and at that point the value goes down the drain. This is just and example of how a typical independent brick and mortar online store front will increase it's brand awareness. Especially nowadays everything is link to social media feeds, tweets and sharing incorporating advertisements and buy buttons. The big wannabe's still rank high as they have all the dollars for google ad words and SEO's but online buyers nowadays will go from page 1 to page 5 when searching for a product as they indeed study well before they indeed purchase. This will include reading social media friends talking about the products and where to buy them. In summary online e-commerce store fronts will predominate consumer buying the actual retail stores for sure. Yesterday, the day before christmas I suddenly ran out of printed ink. I went online at 3 pm to order it and when i was in the shopping cart it gave the option to get express same delivery. So at 5 pm my ink already arrived while I was outside doing an errand. Even though I have a rewards benefit from where I bought it, the value was on the 2 hour delivery. So with today's instant shoppers, uber rush, special delivery this will indeed create the high quality customer loyalty driven value which if the independent brick and mortar online store fronts utilize will indeed give them the far away advantage in 2016. More power to e-tailing in 2016.

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