Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Online Shopping Smart and Mobile Devices Seamless Integration

From the computer websites we go to shop just a few years back comes now the integration of user friendly smart devices one click shopping experiences. Most of the things we have been continuously developing is our websites such as Affordable Books on line we have developed our loyal customers over the years has to be mobile device friendly and easily navigated. So were now on the series of API development integration on this as our sites that have that integration may not have that repeat customers base yet but the engagements and conversions back then when we were starting Affordable Books had been exceeded by this new sites with these API mobile platforms So what it means is simply when you want to search for something to buy or simply just check on prices, instead of looking for a computer when your on the move you just open your smart phone or tablet. With that in mind, you want to open a site if your not a computer or using an app that when it loads it is targeted to what your looking for, clean, not scattered with so much stuff. Hence with this user friendliness the amount of clicks, engagements and online purchases have already exceeded way back when everyone had to open an internet browser on a computer to do the same thing. With that said even with us having our original book selling site, this needs to accounted and transformed. So mobile platforms as to online shopping portals is the trend to go moving forward. Affordable DVD's Affordable Electronics Quality CD's