Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How Complicated is it "To End a Presidency" the Analytical Perspective

To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment

is 6 days away as of the writing of this blog. Written by two distinguish authors, Laurence Tribe and Joshua Matz.  Laurence Tribe is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor and a professor of constitutional law at Harvard. One of America's foremost constitutional scholars, he is the coauthor of Uncertain Justice (with Joshua Matz) and numerous other books and articles. He lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Joshua Matz, a graduate of Harvard Law School and a constitutional lawyer, is the publisher of Take Care, which provides legal analysis of the Trump presidency. He lives in Washington, DC.

I had a personal interest in this book as the topic of impeachment itself is very complicated. 'Impeachment is not like a magic Harry Potter spell or wand nor a doomsday as they say in fairy tales. It such in depth that notoriety in wiring books on this topic requires such expertise and familiarization not only of the process but also constitutional law. Added to that are the democratic ideologies and how it impacts the current administration and president hence is what this topic has been discussed since day 1 when this presidency took effect.

Hopefully, an overview of the process and facts on lay men's understanding can shed some light on the real significance of this topic today. The reality is that is such a hard process to impeach a president. Hence, two past presidents impeachment tries didn't really resonate. America's founding fathers did include this provision from the very start as weakest last resort as if in case of fire break the safety glass cabinet to get the fire extinguisher. While there are really no glass case to break nowadays in this age, that barrier in reference to impeachment is still the same meaning their still is a glass case with a lock.

I remember Psychology plays a big de facto on impeachment. In the past year we have seen the psychology books written about the President's mental health. The truth of the matter, a being disturbed, acting strange even like an idiot, saying different things and versions does not surpassed the test of getting impeached. The said person truly and definitely has to be mentally ill to pass the test. 

This is why of all the books written, I believe the closest case if ever if there would be one case for impeachment would be on Bribery and Collusion with a foreign in meddling the outcome of the presidential elections. And even then if the facts of the case gains a positive outcome, the hardest part would be the constitutional process. Both the United States Senate and House of Representatives has to be both having a majority vote to enact the impeachment. Regardless, of the lengthy process in developing the case, without both majority vote will either enact or if ever this case finally dies. One example is in the case of President Clinton in 1998, the vote pass the House of Representatives but failed in the US Senate.

The bigger question even to be ask is "Is it possible that a Congress in which the Republicans control both or even one chamber would consider impeaching Trump?".  This is why I'm hoping that this new book written by two notables on the subject will lay out the underling and tedious criteria s on what is really involved even to get a case for impeachment.

When you get to read this new bestseller, please share your comments and we together review not just this book bu the case of impeachment.