Monday, August 14, 2023

Immigrant's Still Continue to Hope, Biden then, - We Don't Know After 2024, yet the Problems remains the same

 For Decades as we all know Immigration Reform is just a thought but never a reality in the political process. None on both sides of the political sides of the political parties are really indeed serious on the plight of immigrants. They are serious on using immigrants in their political campaigns when they are running for office that's a fact.

Every Presidential Election especially a Democratic Presidential candidate gives so much hopes for the immigrant community up to the first year inauguration if they win but then that's it. Washington keeps talking about border security, asylum etc., so they can be always on the news and get up to speed on their fund raising and pork barrels.  It is all about money, money and power!

Meanwhile, Immigrants have low rates of medical insurance coverage and poor access to health care coverage. Policy changes have limited immigrants access to insurance and health care. The barriers range from financial limitations to discriminations and fear of deportations. This has contributed to immigrants participation in free healthcare.

Immigrants also face discrimination on the job. They face challenges on their assignments and being managed. At times they are excluded from safety and labor protection by Americans born citizens. Some who just arrived lack knowledge on the job market and lack foreign credentials recognition. 

Prejudice is also common. Many immigrants experience discrimination. In fact, there's been a mammoth sweep of increased anti-immigration prejudice. They can tend to be against minority ethnic and religious groups. 

Language can be also a disadvantage especially for new immigrants. Even access to health care sometimes is hard when accessing them or even getting insurance especially if the specific language is not supported. 

But the bottom line, if you look at the immigrants already in the mainstream supporting the different industries from agriculture, food service, manufacturing, hospitality, etc., and thinking that there is still a lot of unemployment in these sectors, the main conclusion is the system is indeed broken for decades. Will it be ever fix. Ask God. 

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